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Training Sessions

Our Philosophy Is To Elevate Your Game

Can It Be Used In A Basketball Game?

The foundation of our training is set in being functional, applicable, and effective. I strongly believe in training my clients with techniques that will easily translate into their basketball game. Fivez Basketball Academy provides gimmick free training. We are not reinventing the wheel, we are simply offering the best quality of training that will prepare our players for live competition.

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The Goal Of Each Training Session

The goal of our training is not to kill our clients, but to enjoy the process and journey of improving their game through hard work. At the end of each session our players will be challenged and confident that they've gotten better.


Session Sizes 

At FIVEz Basketball Academy, we are aware of the importance of a low student-teacher ratio. With our range of various session sizes, based on availability, individuals can book on how individualized they want their training to be. 

Some benefits of smaller group sessions or one-on-one instruction:

- Learning is enhanced.

- Detailed individualized feedback.

-Ideas are shared.

- Increased opportunities for quality reps.

- Increased opportunities and time to work on various facets of the game

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Training Options


Skills Training 

60 Minute Individual Small  Group Training Session

(4 Player Maximum)


Group Training

60 Minute Group Training Session 

(12 Player Maximum)


1 on 1 Training

90 Minute One on One Training Session

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